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LG DVD writer

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I have just about had it with this LG drive of mine. Whoever said that LG stood for “Lousy Goods” is right on the money. Imagine. Less than two years, hardly used and it dies…just like that. So what do I do? Go and buy another one of course! Tried to get the Lite-On ones but those are hard to get and even harder to find. So I got myself a Samsung SH-223. Cost me about $27 at Sim Lim Square. I swear, no more LG for me.

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Workers Party rally

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I will say something, and this picture more or less tells it all. If the PAP want to stay in power, they had better do something to to try and soothe the electorate because the Workers Party rally was packed to the brim! All I can say is, and I will say it, David Marshall would be proud. Do not get me wrong. I am grateful for what the PAP or Peoples Action Party did for us all those years ago but I think some alternative voices in Parliament will be use ful as a check and balance. This picture gives us Singaporeans hope and on May 7ths, which is Polling Day, we will find out if these rallies were successful or not.

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On the bus now, heading back to a place I used to call home. Along the way, the bus passed through various locations I used to frequent while still staying there, bringing back memories…some happy and some sad. Whoever said a picture paints a thousand words did not know how right he or she was.

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I love you Whiskey

28/04/2011 1 comment

This is my cute cat Whiskey. She had been with my family for 21 years, ever since we discovered her as a tiny kitten in 1989 thereabouts. She passed away last year or rather, was put to sleep because she had cancer and was in terrible pain. I still think of her everyday. It is not easy to get over a cat, especially one as old as Whiskey. I miss you my darling.

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Manchester United – 2, Schalke – 0

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That was the result very early this morning and I can feel that we are on the way. I did not see the match but my wife did and she said that Manuel Neuer put on a stellar display. Reading the report of the match also put Neuer in a very good light. It is too bad that the lad is going to Bayern Munich. He would have been a very good successor to Van Der Sar. As for me? I am happy. Tired but happy. Glory Glory Manchester United!

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One people, one nation, one Singapore?

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Sound familiar? Remember that song we used to sing back in the day, back in the 80s? Honestly, when it comes to 80’s music, I astound even myself sometimes by the very fact that I am even able to recall nationalistic songs from that era. But I digress. Check this out. This was Hitler’s mantra back in the day. Chilling isn’t it?


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What a day…

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Have you ever had one of those days when you go to work and you have a feeling that the day is going to be great, only to have it totally flip 180 degrees? Yep. Today was one of those days and by the afternoon, I was feeling well and truly pissed off. I was really glad to leave the office by 6pm but my ever-working nature kind of took over and I ended up finishing some backlog of work that took me to way past 7pm. That feeling all disappeared when I got back home and found out that my lovely wife had cooked a sumptuous dinner for me. Poor baby. She was not feeling well today and then she goes and cooks for me. I am very, very fortunate to have such a lovely and understanding wife. All of a sudden, today does not look too bad at all.

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