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Sennheiser MD-421 microphone

There was a time when I was serious about audio…and it was part of mylife…my bread and butter. Back in the day, when miking up snare drums, toms, any kind of drum except for the kick drum, I was always partial to Shure SM-57s. They were good but the plastic cap of the Shures were quite fragile and prone to breaking. It did not help that some times some drummers would really get into the mood and a drumstick would come into contact with the SM-57s and before you know it, I would have to change a new one. Until some experienced sound engineer told me to give the Sennheiser MD-421s a try. Now these things are not cheap and are not light. But I must say I was amazed at the sound these babies put up. Plus, their rather robust finish made sure that I had a pair of microphones that would last the whole night and sometimes even the whole tour! It has been some time since I have seen them in action but I am willing to bet that you can still get these. Good microphones…need I say more?

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