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Consummatum est

31/05/2011 Leave a comment

It is coming to a close. I can feel it. Those words in Latin above were Christ’s last words on the cross. Literally translated from Latin to English, it means “it is finished” It may not be what I want or wanted, but I sure as hell am not going to take it lying down. We will see what the next two days will bring. Honestly, I am getting sick of it.

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Samsung RF411

28/05/2011 Leave a comment

Now that my laptop is getting on in years, I was thinking of getting a replacement, or at the very least, giving my wife my old laptop. There is nothing wrong with it actually, it is just that the laptop will be 4 years old in November this year. Dell make great notebooks and this Vostro 1400 is no exception.

Recently I was gunning for the Samsung RF411. I do not have a better picture so the picture above is all I have. One of my colleagues had it and after playing with it for a bit, I kinda liked it. Now you know me…I am very fussy about notebooks but there was something in the notebook and how it felt, kinda got my attention. 6Gb of RAM, 500Gb harddisk, latest Intel processor, a seperate video card with 1Gb of RAM. So I thought to myself…why not.

The thing is, my laptop is still going strong. Now with this new Samsung 320Gb harddisk drive, it has had a new lease of life. Yeah, so maybe I will think about it first. There is an IT show coming up in June. I might check out the price there before I buy it

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Deputy Droopy

27/05/2011 Leave a comment

I watched this once when I was a kid. I remember laughing till I cried. Some 30 years later, I watch it again and I am still laughing my ass off! Now, compare this to the cartoons of today. This was very simply made but the humour was there. I am glad I was born in an era when they made classics like this. Watch it…I guarantee you will laugh too!

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Samsung 320Gb 2.5″ hard disk

26/05/2011 Leave a comment

I needed some more space on my Vostro 1400. It is not to say that the previous drive was giving me issues…in fact, far from it. I have always trusted Samsung drives and this one is no exception. In any case, I bought this drive for less than $100 and voila, I have double the space and my MP3s can now rest happily with the rest of my files and stuff. Samsung drives are as reliable as always and last a long time, unlike a previous Seagate that only lasted me 8 months. This Vostro has had three drives in it so far and all I can say is that changing the drives was a cinch. Not bad for a small investment!

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The book is closed

23/05/2011 Leave a comment

The final chapter of my previous life is slowly but surely coming to a close. I went to my old house today and saw that most of the stuff had been either thrown away or carted off. That is the sad thing about divorces. I spent a little more than 8 years at that place. Now it is all drawing to a close. The new chapter of my life is open. I do not want to make the same mistakes again. Andy Dufresne said it best in The Shawshank Redemption…you either get busy living or get busy dying. That could not be further from the truth.

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The Ride Of Silence

22/05/2011 Leave a comment

I went for the Ride Of Silence yesterday. So I had a pretty early morning as registration started at 8am. I reached there shortly after 8am and registered. The flag-off was at 1000 hrs. While waiting for the flag-off, I chatted to some friends who were there as well. I was asked if I wanted to be a sweeper marshall and I joyfully volunteered.

Some of you may be asking what the Ride Of Silence is about. To put it plainly, as taken from their website here: “The mission of the world wide Ride of Silence is to honor bicyclists killed by motorists, promote sharing the road, and provide awareness of bicycling safety.”

So there you have it. Will I take part next year? You betcha!

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The nerve of some people

19/05/2011 Leave a comment

I was taking the bus back home after work. It was pretty packed, which comes as no surprise as it was literally peak-time. About two bus-stops before the one where I normally disembark, I saw this young PRC kid board the bus, one hand holding a mobile-phone to his ear and the other hand holding an ice-cream cone. He boards the bus by the back door, a door that is meant for disembarking passengers, not alighting passengers. I do not think he had any intention of paying. A young lady then told him off in Mandarin, supposedly telling him that he need to pay his fare. He merely grunted and took out another phone, a touch-screen phone, presumably to play with and ignore the young lady. That pissed me off. I got up, tapped him on the shoulder and told him to go to the front of the bus and pay the bloody bus fair. I also told him that eating on the bus is not allowed. And you what he does after that? The bus stops at a bus stop, he gets off, flings the ice-cream cone in the trash and boards the bus again by the back door! At least that is what I saw because it was the bus-stop I normally get off!

When I got home, I told my wife this incident. What is it with these foreigners? That kid was dishonest and I will say it without a second thought. He clearly had NO intention of paying the bus fare. If I see that kid again on the bus, I am going to bloody drag him to the front of the bus and make sure he pays the fare. I have had just about enough of these brats.

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