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Toilet raining toilet water…literally

27/06/2011 Leave a comment

That is what greeted me yesterday evening when we finally got back home…raining in the toilet. And to think that i was shaking my head at the last Orchard road floods, hoping that it would never happen to me.

well, last night, it bloody well did

Seems that the previous owner had changed the sewage pipes above the the ceiling in the bathroom to PVC ones, joining the older cast-iron pipes. Now when one tries to mate plastic PVC with metal cast-iron pipes, something has got to give. Seems like the joint was not done to well and the joint just fucking gave way. And the result? Raining in the freaking toilet.

Bloody hell. What a start to the week this has been.

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What happens when the IT helpdesk fucks up?

22/06/2011 Leave a comment

Yep. You heard me. That very thing happened just this afternoon in the place I work in. Imagine. They drum it into our heads to call up the number of the helpdesk, explain your problem, and someone will get back to you or even login a ticket for you. But then, the bloody helpdesk number goes down. I have said it before. Your lock is only as strong as your weakest link. Something has got to give. You had better make sure that your helpdesk is good or you are gonna be the laughing stock of the organisation.

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Nokia’s N9 is out!

21/06/2011 Leave a comment

Yep, it is out and it is looking good! Seems that it is running on the Meego platform, Nokia’s version of Linux. Looks pretty cool and it was just released today. This thing of beauty features a pure-glass display. Nice ain’t it?

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Blackberry Curve 8520

20/06/2011 Leave a comment

I have had this Blackberry Curve 8520 for a little more than a year now and on the 1st of August, I shall be saying goodbye to it. It is a very basic Blackberry but it did the job well and one part of me feels very reluctant to let it go because it served me so well. It does not have any advanced bells and whistles like 3G, GPS or anything but it was rock-solid stable. One does not need to plonk down money to get the most expensive Blackberry when this one does the job and does it very well. Thank you RIM for making such a hardy product…you guys rock!

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Dell Inspiron 14R

20/06/2011 Leave a comment


I wanted to get this for my wife. Besides its relatively low cost, it packs a lot of bang for buck. While I admit that the build could be a lot sturdier, for less than $1000 Singapore dollars, you get a machine with Windows 7 Home Premium, 2Gb of RAM (4Gb on some models) and with multiple colours case-wise. Knowing my wife’s penchant for all things colour ful, this just might be the notebook to get. Her old notebook, a HP-Compaq has seen better days and I might say, better years. Time to thrash that sucker and give her this!

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Its Android now folks

18/06/2011 Leave a comment

That is right folks. Am now using the Motorola Defy and what can I say…its an awesome phone. I am now a convert to the Android OS and its great. Still getting used to it but I think I am going to be an Android user for life. The phone is using Android 2.1 and there is an upgrade available but so far, all seems good and I might not even upgrade it. I know when I did an upgrade of my old Nokia 6233, all hell stated breaking loose so yeah, no upgrade unless I absolutely need to. In any case, this is the phone low. Nice ain’t it?

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Dolby suing RIM, the maker of BlackBerry?

16/06/2011 Leave a comment

Yep, that is what I read in Reuters. The article can be found here. Apparently, according to the Reuters article:

Dolby Laboratories has filed a lawsuit against Research In Motion, alleging the BlackBerry maker used Dolby’s audio compression technologies in its smartphones and PlayBook tablets without proper licenses.

Surely RIM should have known better. Dolby is a company that has been around for years and I heard that they are making a foray into the mobile business…that is why I put that picture up above. I do not know what to say but I do know for a fact that this will be pretty interesting to follow.

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