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Motorola Defy

I was walking back from the recent PC Show at Suntec City and I see this lady using a Motorola touch-screen phone. It looked pretty good and since I am in the market for a new phone (The old Nokia E51 is in a very bad state of disrepair) I have the tendency to do a little “due diligence” and see what people are using. Many of my friends are telling me to go get the Apple iPhone. I am a little hesitant on that. One reason is the price. If I upgrade my contract, and sign a two-year bond, I can buy the iPhone for $500. Now that is a lot of money to be spending on an Apple product, which always are expensive, like it or not. Or, I could just upgrade my phone plan and get the Motorola Defy, the very same phone I saw the afore-mentioned lady using, and the very phone featured in the blog above now

From what I was reading, Motorola made this phone out top be tough. Not military-spec tough but tough enough. That is good news because I am a bloody klutz with my phone. Many of my phones lasted a few years but in my line of work, I tend to be a bit on the rough side. A tough phone will suit me to a T. From what I know, this phone, without contract, can be bought for as low as $425 dollars. It is running on Android 2.1 and some people might be complaining about that. They did say that it is upgradeable to Android Froyo 2.2 but I do not think I need that. Maybe this phone will be the stepping stone till I do upgrade finally to that Samsung Galaxy SII but given the fact that this is a tough phone, with a Gorilla Glass display, it just might last me a few years, and then some. So yeah…this just might be THE phone

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