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JBL Control 1s and Control 12SR

Back in the day (I do not know why I like to use this phrase so much. It has almost become a cliche of sorts) I had a friend that bought four of these JBL Control 1s for his house. Why he bought them I do not know. They were small, inobstrusive and dare I mention, cute. They were s topic of conversation everytime he played his stereo. One problem was that his system lacked bass. I mean look at these pics. Can you see any sort of bass coming out of speakers like these? But I did and still do have a very high opinion of JBLs (Besides some people saying that JBL stands for Jazzy, Bassy and Loud) and these babies had clarity. But I was after something with a bit more kick and one day, I came across this:

The Control 12SR. God, how I wanted these. Imagine, the clarity of the JBL Control series, coupled with the robustness to handle sound reinforcement. That is what the SR in these babies stood for. I was ready to plonk down a huge sum of money for it because I did hear that they cost a bomb. Just imagine, a pair of Control 1s back in the day cost about $300. These would have cost a pretty penny! But, they did not have these babies in in Singapore so I had to make do with cheaper Peavey 112H speakers.

I still dream of owning a good pair of speakers. Who knows, if JBL still make these, I will definitely get them

  1. MICHELLE marlowe
    15/04/2016 at 21:29

    i have a pair for sale

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