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Dell Vostro 230

Budgets are always tight when running a small business. You need computers, laptops and etcetera, not to mention servers. While servers are absolutely essential to store data, they can wait. What cannot wait is for your workers to hit the ground running. So you need to get the PCs and laptops first. And that is where Dell come in with their incredibly low-priced Vostro desktops, in this case, the Vostro 230

From the reviews I have been reading, this desktop is pretty good. There are heaps of things you can change and add, like for example, the hard disk drive. You can change it for one with more capacity. RAM also can be changed. It comes with Windows 7 Professional too! The Vostro 230 slim tower for one has an online price of  $619. It comes with 2Gb of RAM and a 320Gb hard-disk drive. The Dell Vostro 230 minitower is out of stock at the moment and Dell confirmed that with me through a phone call but I dare say it will be cheaper. And if you do not like Widows, install it with a Linux os like Ubuntu. These Vostros are Ubuntu-friendly

I can almost hear the geeks saying, “Build your own!” Yeah…I agree, but to a certain extent. I always build my own PCs but to a business owner who just needs the goods here and now, this offer cannot be beat. And if you, dear reader, are starting a business, remember, if you cannot get a server, do backups of your data every day. I cannot stress how important backups are to any business.

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