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Nokia trailing Apple and Samsung

Don’t laugh. This was my very first Nokia phone way back in 1999, lasting all the way till 2001. It was a Nokia 5110. True, it was bulky and lacked a colour screen like so many phones now but it was simple, SMS worked fine and the battery…oh the battery…lasted a long time because it was pretty big. One thing I did not like was the little stubby antenna that tended to poke your…ahem…privates if your phone was in your pocket. But I liked it and only changed to a Nokia 3210 because someone bought it for me as a present on my birthday

I was pretty sad to see this article here that said that Nokia slipped to third-place behind Apple and Samsung. I suppose the writing was on the wall. But one thing I like about Nokia phones is the ease of use. I now have a Motorola Defy, an Android touch-screen phone that replaced my Nokia E51, which was worn out (buttons breaking, battery shot…you get the idea). I am not one of those users that needs a new mobile phone every three months but I have friends that do.

Nokia was the leading phone company for 15 years. That is a pretty long time to be in the number one position. I still like Nokia and I do own some of their cheaper phones. One of them I use as a phone for long-distance calls. It has a prepaid card and it works out fine. I suppose Nokia is still number one for the emerging markets like India and China because they still manufacture inexpensive, no-frills phones, a market that Apple has no penetration in. Samsung has some el-cheapo phones though but Nokia is just more popular.

Well, it is wait and see time. Let us see if Nokia manage to pull up their socks. It is make or break time for them because they just inked a deal with Microsoft to release phones running Windows Mobile.

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