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Electronics Australia and their electronic kits

I loved Electronics Australia magazine. Note the word: loved. This megazine was very entertaining, ever since I bought a copy in New Zealand in December 1986, while in transit at the airport waiting for a connecting flight. Ever since then, I have begged and pleaded with friends in Australia to send me copies of the magazine because it was only available in Australia. I still have a few copies from back in the day when I was a student in Australia and also when I was in the airlines and was able to purchase it every time I went to Australia for work. Sad to say, that magazine is no more. I feel the same way as David Jones and his rant. But there is news, and good news at that. Silicon Chip, another magazine in Australia, is doing the same thing with electronic projects that Electronics Australia did. There is also this website by this guy named Stefan Vorkoetter. I came across his site when I was doing research on Sanyo Eneloop batteries. I found his site to be pretty interesting and I learnt much from it, much like I did from Electronics Australia. I hope to find more informative sites like these and they will be going on this blog when I find them

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