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Ten City – That’s The Way Love Is

30/09/2011 Leave a comment

It was in December 1989. I was waiting for a friend at Rochor bus terminus because we wanted to catch a bus up to Johore Bahru to go to his relative’s party. I remember listening to the radio (a Toshiba portable radio with headphones) with the late Suresh Menon helming the decks. Then this song came on and I was hooked. I managed to get this 12″ single in the bargain-bin of a record store in Canada for a bargain price. I still love this song

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Apple iPad problematic after less than a year

27/09/2011 Leave a comment

I bought an Apple iPad for my wife in December last year when she had to go to Japan on business. The funny thing is, the iPad only lasted less than a year before it started to go all topsy-turvy. I was very lucky that I took the advice of my friends and bought the AppleCare warranty. I would advise all of you contemplating getting Apple products to do the same. It will get you the protection you need when your device ever goes bonkers. But I am still perplexed. I mean, I paid a premium for this Apple product. How come the darn thing only lasted for less than a year before it had to be exchanged? Heck, my Dell computer is more than three years old and still ticking!

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Behringer VMX1000

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I have never been a fan of Behringer mixers. Yes, i have read all the horror stories and I have heard the same as well from friends who have actually used Behringer mixers. But I had no choice a couple of times when I had to use it at a club. Well, it held up pretty good, no surprises were thrown my way. For a rack-mount mixer on the cheap, I suppose one can recommend it. Specs-wise, this is what it has to offer, as taken from the Behringer website:

Professional 7-channel ultra-low noise DJ mixer with state-of-the-art phono preamps

Intelligent, dual BPM counter
Super-smooth, long-life ULTRAGLIDE faders (up to 500,000 cycles)
Awesome XPQ stereo surround effect
VCA-controlled Crossfader for utmost reliability and smooth audio performance
Adjustable Crossfader curve for all mixing styles
3-band kill EQ (-32 dB) with EQ on/off switch on stereo channels, Gain control and precise level meter per channel
Monitor function with PFL/main balance control and Split option
Automatic talkover function with separate Depth and Sensitivity control
Subwoofer output with adjustable x-over frequency and level control for separate bass amplification
Balanced Main and additional zone outputs
Gold-plated RCA connectors for highest signal integrity
High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
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The Shure SM58 cardioid microphone

25/09/2011 2 comments

One of the best microphones of the industry…the Shure SM58. I have been using one for over 20 years and the thing is still fine. Many musicians, emcees and DJs swear by this mike. Relatively inexpensive, it will last a long time, providing crisp vocals. It also can be used as an excellent instrument mike for miking guitars, although I believe the Shure SM57 would be much better. I might be getting another one soon. For about $145, it “shure” is worth it!

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Sony TA-11 amplifier

24/09/2011 8 comments

My dad bought a three-piece hi-fi set back in 1978. This was one of the components on that hi-fi set…the Sony TA-11 integrated amplifier. And you wanna know the great thing about this amplifier? I used this amplifier as the main amplifier in a mobile disco in the mid 80’s. I jest you not…this amplifier was capable of putting out some HEAVY wattage. It could drive huge speakers as well as the problematic ones that came with this set. Imagine…7 years after they were first bought and this set was still kicking! It finally bit the dust in the year 2000 I think…after giving 22 years of reliable and solid duty as the home’s hi-fi amplifier and as my mobile-disco amplifier. They sure do not make them like they used to. Any of you reading this, if you ever come across it, buy it without a second thought. This amplifier is worth its weight in gold!

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Rane MP24z

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When I had my first residency in a club, way back in 1991, this Rane mixer was the mixer I used, or rather, was installed in that club. It was a state-of-the-art mixer back then, and I dare say, a very expensive one too. But I always believe in buying quality stuff because it will last and Rane mixers are bulletproof, and still are to this day. This was the very first mixer I used that had an assignable crossfader. The smooth faders were an added bonus and the sound? Well, what can I say about Rane quality? Superb as always! I currently have a Tascam X-17 mixer but if that mixer ever dies, I will be getting this one, or rather, a Rane mixer.

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Bad Company – Bad Company

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Any DJ worth his salt needs to have this album in his record-box, or at least in his or her Serato-enabled Mac. Useful songs to be played during happy hour are Can’t Get Enough (Of Your Love), Rock Steady and Ready For Love. I have two copies of this legendary record…one is a CD that was given to me by a friend and the other, I picked up in the bargain bin of a record shop in Australia. They sure don’t treasure this album, I can tell you. 😦 But No matter. Get it. A great album and very well recommended!

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