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Peavey M-2600 power amplifier

This amplifier may not look like much, but it saved me once when my amplifier died on me, many years ago. Rated at 130 watts into 4 ohms but only about 75 watts into 8 ohms per channel. The sordid story was that we had issues with our amplifier at a function once…bloody thing just died halfway. So, in a frantic chase for an amplifier, we managed to rent one at short notice, and the amplifier was this Peavey M-2600 shown above. And would you believe it, this amplifier kept our party running till the end!

At the end of the function, after stripping down the mobile disco console (thank God for flightcases now!) I took a look at the amplifier. Nothing fancy about it, no electronic fans to cool it. Just one hell of a big heat-sink in the back. Peavey reliability written in invisible ink on the top of it. There have been many versions of of the Peavey M-2600 over the years, with different faceplates and looks but the innards and functions and most importantly, reliability, are still the same. Every time I see the M-2600 amplifier in an amp rack, I know that the person that owns that amp rack is in good hands with that Peavey amplifier in there backing him up. Credits go to Ron Pilgrim for the photo

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  1. 20/11/2012 at 19:39

    i still have one of these nice good work horse will bring lots of reliable hrs to any small party and good for the musician i use this amp for my top end and use the cs800 for bottom end as it gives out more power for the bass

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