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Yamaha C115V

After doing lots of research, checking on models from Peavey, Electro-Voice and even JBL, these look like the speakers that I am going to get. I even thought of refurbishing my old Peavey SP2ti speakers but thinking about replacing the crossover, Black Widow 15″ woofers and possibly even the 22T driver of the horn, I decided not to. Better to start afresh with new speakers and I guess I will be starting with these. They come with a recommended retail price of $1200 but from what I hear, they are pretty good and maybe in the future if all goes OK, I will be getting a sub-woofer to keep these company. I will probably get one of those Yamaha amplifiers to drive it as well, as the two (amp and speakers) were made for each other. That means my arsenal of speakers for sound reinforcement will be getting bigger. I will also have to look at getting some flight-cases to store these babies in. Sounds good!

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