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RCF ART 312A Active speakers

I have been doing some research and I have found out in various forums, both here and abroad, people are choosing this over the Mackie SRM-450s. It seems that they give better bang-for-buck, cleaner sound and just perform better. Plus, there have been some rumblings in some forums overseas that says that Mackie’s warranty service was just horrible. But from my point, I have always liked RCF. It was rumoured back in the day that the fantastic Turbosound bass-bins, that were used in a club where I was spinning in, featured RCF drivers. Now we know that most of the money you pay for good speakers goes into the research and development costs of designing the speakers, not the componentry like the woofers and such. But the Turbosounds were rock-solid and ever since then, my admiration for RCF never waned.

The specifications of this speaker are:

350 Watt bi-amplification
127 dB max spl
90 x 60, Wide dispersion constant directivity horn
12″ woofer, high power 2.5″ voice coil
1″ HF driver, titanium dome, neodymium 1.5″ voice coil

That looks pretty good considering that it is only rocking a 12″ woofer. Hmm…maybe I will choose this as my next purchase instead of the Mackies.

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