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Peavey CS 4080HZ

To be honest, I have had and as a matter of fact, still have a Peavey CS-800 amplifier from many years ago. That baby still rocks and is a joy to play. It has powered many a function I have had and is a real workhorse. I am in the stages of looking at power amplifiers to take over it. Do not get me wrong, that old CS-800 has not croaked. I just cannot vouch for the electronics inside. After all, 20 years is a long time and electronic stuff does not last forever…even Peavey amplifiers. I was looking at the Yamaha P5000S but I always drift back to Peavey…I just do not know why. And I am now looking at the Peavey CS 4080HZ

From the specifications on Peavey’s website, this 2U high amplifier can dish out a helluva lot of power. Lets see… 2040 watts RMS into 4 ohms per channel, 1250 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms. I do not even need to go into bridged mode but look at the power it is able to dish out. I still remember back in the day when the only power amplifier capable of dishing out that much power was the Amcron 5000VZ…but those days are long gone. Bloody thing weighs about 24 kilograms too! I do not have speakers that can handle this massive amount of power but I bet it would be a good amplifier for huge subwoofers. Maybe in the future, when I do get subwoofers, or run a club, I might get this amplifier.

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