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QSC K12 powered speakers

I am still musing whether or not to get passive speakers, hooked up to power amplifiers, or just get a pair of active speakers. So I have been trawling the Internet for recommendations, reviews and tests. This other name came up when I was doing the search for active speakers – QSC. I remember QSC. They made kick-ass amplifiers back in the day. When I was working in a club back in the early 90s, this club had two QSC amplifiers driving the disco and those amplifiers were bloody good and reliable. I have also seen the QSC amplifiers on many a touring rig. But QSC making speakers…active ones at that? I suppose every one wants to go into the active-speaker bandwagon today and I suspect QSC was one of them as well

Specifications-wise, well, the K12 sports a 12″ woofer and a 1.75″ horn.Maximum SPL is 131 decibels at peak. That is pretty loud, almost as loud as the RCFs. It sports a Class D amplifier and can handle 1000 watts continuous, though I do not know what they mean what they say on the website that states 500 watts for the LF and 500 watts for the HF. The speakers have this patented Tilt-Direct pole mount which allows one to change the angle of the speakers when mounted on speaker posts. That is pretty useful as a feature. There are smaller  models of the K-series like the K8 and K10, with a 8″ woofer and 1o” woofer respectively.

These QSC K12’s weigh a very respectable 18.6 kilograms. That is pretty light for an active speaker. The price? About US$850, which when roughly translated to Singapore dollars, costs about $1060 per piece. That is not too bad for an active speaker system

Decisions, decisions. Passive or active? And when active, RCF or QSC?

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