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The Vestax Typhoon DJ controller

DJ controllers are the rage these days. They are placing CDs and very soon will replace CD players and turntables as well, if they have not already done so. To be honest, I was looking at the Vestax Typhoon controller earlier before I even bought my Hercules controller. I have always had a high regard for Vestax products. I have used their mixers and have found their mixers to be clean-sounding and durable. They have much better controllers out there but the Typhoon is the one that is the most affordable.

The DJ software included is Virtual DJ but you can also download a special free copy of Serato DJ intro that is compatible with the Typhoon.

The system requirements are:

Windows XP : SP2 or higher 32bit(64bit not compatible)
Windows Vista : SP1 or higher 32bit/64bit
Windows7 : 32bit/64bit
CPU : Intel Core Duo 1.4GHz (SSE1) or higher
RAM : 1.0GB RAM or higher
OTHER: Available USB port, CD-ROM drive, Hard disk space for music and software

But there is a bit of a provison. According to their website here, it says:

Even if the clock frequency is sufficient to the requirement above, Intel Celeron、Centrino、ATOM, AMD and Sempron is not supported.

I do not know what that means but apparently you cannot use this on a netbook. Humph.

And like all other controllers, this is how you connect it:

Not too bad eh? But I am not loving the EQ sliders. I happen to prefer pots. But nevertheless, the Typhoon is a great product with Vestax quality.


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