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Technics SH-MZ1200 mixer

29/02/2012 1 comment

I have been back in the club scene for some time and this is the mixer that I have been using. Pretty good one and it has Technics quality written all over it. I must say that I am very pleased with the sound and the durability of this mixer. But this mixer has its caveats and one of them is that it is pretty expensive. But anyway, features-wise, according to Panasonic’s website:

Optical Cross Fader
The unique four-channel play mode gives you complete control as you assign tracks to Right/Left Front/Rear.

Four Channel Surround Sound
Reinforced joints help prevent breakage in folding parts.

Twelve Inputs / Seven Outputs
The MZ1200 comes equipped with twelve inputs outputs (Master1/FRONT x 2, Master2/REAR x 1, Headphone x 1, Monitor x 1, Recording x 1, Digital x 1).

Send And Return Effects Loop
Effects controls include level adjustment, send and return, a pre/post switch and individual effect on/off switches for each channel. These effects can be previewed via headphone cueing.

Fader-Start Sync
Using stereo-mini-cord connections to digital turntables, you can trigger the decks to start and stop by operating the connected channel fader or cross fader.

More features

  • Each channel has its own 3-band equalizer with -24dB (12dB/oct) attenuation.
  • Left/Right Split for independent fader and equalizer control over the left and right stereo channels.
  • Separate output to send channel 1 or 2 to the front speakers, and channel 3 or 4 to rear speakers.
  • Two digital inputs, one digital output, and reverse selectors for all faders.
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Whirlwind Director passive DI box

28/02/2012 Leave a comment

I was offered one of these because I was looking a for a DI box to replace the one that I have. The one I currently have is a Whirlwind as well but the thing is almost twenty years old…no…not twenty. MORE than twenty years old. I have kept it for some time and I wonder if the damn thing works anymore. I have not had the chance to try it out. So Here I am looking for a new DI box just in case I need to do a mobile set-up that is far away from the main house system. I might go for the ART stereo one but until I do, I need a new one. Decisions, decisions.

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Bombay Sapphire Gin

27/02/2012 2 comments

On a hot day, nothing beats a gin and tonic. Now I am not really an advocate of alcoholic drinks. In fact, I seldom drink alcohol. It is not because I am some teetotaller…quite the opposite in fact. I just do not enjoy it. But there are some that I would take more often than others. One of those is Bombay Sapphire gin. A good gin and tonic will make me feel refreshed and I always enjoy a good one. For the gin? Simple. Bombay Sapphire in the signature blue bottle.

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JBL EON 515 active loudspeakers

26/02/2012 1 comment

I am actually using these speakers as I type into this blog. They are not too bad and they actually sound pretty good. They are hooked up to optional JBL powered bass-bins (active ones at that) and they do a good job of handling the lower frequencies. These speakers are pretty pricey, that I will admit. But they are pretty well-built and they look like they can take a pounding. However, there re many other powered speakers out there in the market than can give these JBLs a run for their money, and for a cheaper price too. Specifications-wise, this speaker is capable of throwing out 450 watts of power. It is endowed with a 15″ woofer and a 1″ throated-horn. It also sports a built-in three-channel mixer and the amplifiers are made by Crown, which is another company in the Harman Group. Weight-wise? About 15 kilograms each.

These speakers are not too bad. But if I were to go the active route, I would go for the equivalent offerings from RCF or even QSC. Nothing against JBL but I just like the sound of the RCF ART series especially.

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Radial JDI passive DI box

25/02/2012 Leave a comment

A musician was using this in the club that I was spinning at. It looked pretty big and obtrusive. So I decided to do some research on this DI box. It seems that this is the best passive DI bx that money can by. It uses Jensen transformers in it. This DI box is not cheap. It costs about US$199. But I was told that this DI box lasts a long time. I suppose that one has to pay for quality.

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Linksys WRT54GC

24/02/2012 3 comments

I have had this Linksys WRT54GC router for almost 5 years. It is a nice little router and it is still in use. I have used it as a wireless broadband router, as a wireless access point and even as a standalone switch and during that time, it has always performed the job admirably. I can find no reason to replace it with another as I like the routers with antennas, not the ones with the built-in ones. So I suppose I will be using this for a while longer yet.

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RCA to 1/4″ phone plug jack

23/02/2012 Leave a comment

All DJs and sound technicians need to get a pair of these. I will give one scenario. What happens one day when you have to plug your DJ controller, for example, into a mixing desk that does not have RCA jacks? For that very reason, I had to use mine twice this year alone and I am very lucky that I have a few of these. Always have a pair in your tool-box. They will save your gig, in more ways than one, and in times when you least expect it

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