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Behringer XENYX 502 small-format mixer

I think I have covered just about all the companies that make small-format mixers. I have had my eye on this one by Behringer but the only problem is that there are no dealers in Singapore bringing them in. Its a shame really because this one looks pretty good, judging from all the positive reviews I have been reading about them. Its the same as the Alto ZMX52 and the Wharfedale Pro Connect 502 I covered recently. The surprising thing about all of them is that they all name their mixers the 502. makes me wonder if they are produced in the same factory in China! The specs are, according to the website:

State-of-the-art, phantom powered XENYX Mic Preamp comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps

Neo-classic “British” 2-band EQ for warm and musical sound

Main mix, stereo CD/tape plus separate headphone outputs

CD/tape inputs assignable to headphone output or main mix outputs

High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

All in all, a great unit and I like it.

  1. Jeffers
    21/06/2012 at 16:58

    Hi Alan,

    There is a Distributor for BEHRINGER in Singapore. You can contact AV Electronics Marketing (S) Pte Ltd. They are the official country distributor for Behringer in Singapore. Contact number: 9866 9703. Email: jespertan@avem.com.my

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