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Traktor Kontrol S4

I had the chance to play with this Native Instruments Traktor controller the other day. All I can say about it is that it is very well-built and the sound quality is awesome. That being said, it is pretty heavy and twice the size of my tiny Hercules controller. Quality like this does come at a price and I am pretty sure that it ain’t cheap! But I must say that Traktor software is incredible. It does take some getting used to, and it is totally different to the Virtual DJ software that I am so used to using. The specifications are available on the Traktor website here. The controller, by itself, obviously has more buttons and controls on it than my Hercules which means better and greater functionality and options for the more discerning DJ. While I am all for simplicity, I suppose there are others who will appreciate what this controller is capable of doing. The one I was using was hooked up to a Mac Mini but the website claims that it works fine on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Maybe next time but for the time being, I am quite happy with my Hercules DJ controller.


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