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Technics SH-MZ1200 mixer

I have been back in the club scene for some time and this is the mixer that I have been using. Pretty good one and it has Technics quality written all over it. I must say that I am very pleased with the sound and the durability of this mixer. But this mixer has its caveats and one of them is that it is pretty expensive. But anyway, features-wise, according to Panasonic’s website:

Optical Cross Fader
The unique four-channel play mode gives you complete control as you assign tracks to Right/Left Front/Rear.

Four Channel Surround Sound
Reinforced joints help prevent breakage in folding parts.

Twelve Inputs / Seven Outputs
The MZ1200 comes equipped with twelve inputs outputs (Master1/FRONT x 2, Master2/REAR x 1, Headphone x 1, Monitor x 1, Recording x 1, Digital x 1).

Send And Return Effects Loop
Effects controls include level adjustment, send and return, a pre/post switch and individual effect on/off switches for each channel. These effects can be previewed via headphone cueing.

Fader-Start Sync
Using stereo-mini-cord connections to digital turntables, you can trigger the decks to start and stop by operating the connected channel fader or cross fader.

More features

  • Each channel has its own 3-band equalizer with -24dB (12dB/oct) attenuation.
  • Left/Right Split for independent fader and equalizer control over the left and right stereo channels.
  • Separate output to send channel 1 or 2 to the front speakers, and channel 3 or 4 to rear speakers.
  • Two digital inputs, one digital output, and reverse selectors for all faders.
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