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C-Audio RA 2000 power amplifier

31/03/2012 1 comment

OK. I will begin by putting a disclaimer. this amplifier rack is not mine, but I sincerely wish that it was. It is sweet, isn’t it? Actually, I got it from this website. I found the picture here because I was looking for a picture of the C-Audio RA 2000 amplifier, an amplifier that totally got my respect more than 20 years ago. I was working in a pub for about 9 months and this amplifier (the RA 2000) was driving all the club’s speaker systems. Very powerful they were and very dependable. They certainly do not make them like they used to any more. In any case, dear reader, if you are wondering what these babies were capable of delivering, I got the specs from this website:

The RA2000 is a solid well built amp, a workhorse through and through. Built to withstand life on the road, 450w per channel @ 4 ohms, 900w in bridge mode @ 8 ohms, in a 2u rack space. Inputs are via XLR and jack, outputs on binding post. 

I just wish that they were still around. Reliable amplifiers are a rarity these days.

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Blackberry Bold 9000

30/03/2012 Leave a comment

I still have this Blackberry Bold from quite some time back. I got this from a director in my previous company. Apparently, this Blackberry Bold of his was giving some issues so he ordered a new one. He told me I could keep the “spoilt” Blackberry. So I erased it and re-loaded the operating system and voila! Good as new again!

My old issues with this Blackberry Bold is the trackball. Newer Blackberrys have the trackpad, which is much, much better. Features-wise, this Blackberry has:

  • 624MHz Intel PXA270/Marvell Tavor PXA930 processor (increase from 312 MHz)
  • data connectivity: 3G (HDSPA + EDGE), WiFi (802.11 a/b/g)
  • screen: 480 x 320 (up from 320 x 240) (size ??) with 65,000 colors
  • operating system: BlackBerry OS 4.6
  • redesigned keyboard
  • memory: 1 GB built-in + expandable microSD up to 16 GB
  • dimensions: 4.5″ H x 2.6″ W x 0.5″ D
  • weight: 4.7 oz
  • 2 megapixel camera + flash
  • GPS functionalities
  • release date: August 21, 2008

I am keeping this Blackberry for a while longer. its a great unit and who knows, I might need a Blackberry in the future!

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Shure M75ED cartridge/stylus

29/03/2012 Leave a comment

I remember buying a new cartridge and stylus to replace the old one on my dad’s old turntable. It cost me a pretty penny but the sound from this Shure M75ED was absolutely fantastic. It was only later, when I got full-on into DJ’ing, I replaced this cartridge with a Stanton 500AL because they were tougher. But I still love this stylus as the sound was more accurate than the Stantons. I wish that I had still kept this cartridge. I do not know what became of it. Maybe I will find it one day in my junkbox

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Sony Walkman TPS-L2

28/03/2012 Leave a comment

I remember that I was at my cousin’s place when I first heard this Sony Walkman in 1979. I was so smitten by it (especially by the sound when you listened to it through headphones) that my dad got it for me when I passed my PSLE results with flying colours. Mine was a better one because it could also record.  This Sony invention hit the world by storm and Sony became a household name because of it.

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ASUS Zenbook

27/03/2012 Leave a comment

I really had to do a double-take when I first saw these notebooks. Absolutely beautiful they are! Credit where credit is due, Apple did in fact come out with the design several years ago so they get first dibs on the drool meter but these…these babies are cheaper than the Macbook Air and have a better resolution! So Apple, eat your heart out!

Thse Asus Zenbooks are made of brushed aluminium and are beautiful to look at. They almost look like a work of art. The chicklet keyboard takes some getting used to but the touch-pad is a little too sensitive. But the silent runnings of this notebook is attributed to the SSD that it comes with, a paltry 120Gb though. I just wished that it came with Windows Professional. What they did come with was Windows Home Premium but that should be plenty enough. The design will get tongues wagging, Apple copy or not!

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TEAC PX-300 turntable

26/03/2012 Leave a comment

It was Christmas 1985. I was DJ’ing at event in the Seletar Airbase. We were using these turntables then. Good, robust ones they were too. They were the TEAC PX-300. Only complaint about these turntables were the pitch-controls. They they were thumb-wheels instead of knobs but they were ok. I am kind of on a nostalgic trip just looking at these.

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BOSS active DI box

25/03/2012 Leave a comment

Back in the days when I was DJ-ing in this pub that had a live band, they had four of these active DI (direct injection) boxes. If I am not wrong, one was for the bass player, two were for me (to attach my DJ mixer to) and one was for the synth player. I remember that these were powered with +48 volts of phantom power and were simply punchy. I was so impressed by them that I decided to get a DI box of my own, although it was not the BOSS one pictured above, it was made by Whirlwind. These things can be VERY useful, believe you me. Always good to have one in your sound arsenal!

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