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Mackie LM 3204 rack-mount mixer

To be absolutely honest, this Mackie LM3204 is the kind of mixer that I have been looking for and I never knew Mackie made one. This series has since been discontinued. I was looking at the Alesis rack-mountable ones but for some reason, they did not look tough to me. They look like they would fall apart if I ever took them on the road. Mackies have a very tough reputation and that is one of the reason why I am kicking myself no for not having gotten one for myself earlier. I have seen some on sale but I do not and have never bought any mixers second-hand. One thing puzzles me is the inclusion of sliders for the main output but potentiometers for the outputs on each channel. What gives? I happen to prefer potentiometers (or pots as they are more commonly known) over sliders anyday but that is just me.

I sincerely hope that Mackie does indeed make ones like these again.

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