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MixVibes U-Mix Control Pro DJ controller

04/04/2012 1 comment

I am seriously contemplating getting this MixVibes controller when my controller goes tits-up. I have read many a review online and have even tried it and I can safely say that this one is pretty good. The software that comes with it is seamlessly integrated with it and works very well. I have a few friends who swear by it and their opinion is good enough for me because these guys know their stuff. Its not a question of “monkey see, monkey do” as i have actually tried it and I like it! According to the website, this unit is, and has:

  • USB bus powered
  • Touch-sensitive jog wheels for precise scratching
  • Low latency ASIO driver Support
  • High precision pitch faders (14 bits)
  • Light feedback on all controls
  • High precision and long lasting faders, knobs and buttons
  • Cross fader curve adjustment
  • Altogether 133 MIDI controls

The Cross DJ software that comes with it is full-featured too, not like some of the LE versions that are shipped with other controllers:

  • Full DJ software license and free updates
  • Intuitive controls of software features with the controller
  • Integrated 2-channel mixer with 3-Band EQ and frequency kills
  • iTunes® integration & smart media management
  • 6 audio effects per deck
  • 6 locators per deck
  • Automatic beat synchronization
  • Mix recording

So it looks like this will be in serious consideration for my next upgrade. So many controllers, so many choices. I have to make up my mind soon! The only thing that is stopping me from getting this is that Decksaver does not make a product for this. Its a shame really because it will be very useful if you have to take from one place to another in your backpack. A Decksaver will protect it. Well, we can only hope they make one for this soon

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