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Phonic MR 90/S DJ mixer

This was the third DJ mixer that I owned. Surprisingly, I could not find any information whatsoever on this mixer on the Internet. It was a great mixer and I bought it or rather, traded it in second-hand. It lasted me from 1993 till about 2004, a good 11 years of service. It was built like a tank and gave some very clean, loud output. I love VU meters on mixers. They are easier to read than digital LED meters and this mixer had two big VU meters.

There were 7 channels on this mixer. 1st channel was for the DJ microphone. Channel 2 and Channel 3 were for microphone or line. Channel 4 and Channel 5 were dedicated LINE channels. I hooked up my Denon DN-2000F to these two channels. Channels 6 and 7 were PHONO/LINE channels but I hooked up my trusty Technics SL-1200s to. The master output utilised two faders, one for the stereo left and one for the stereo right channel. The headphone volume monitor was a slider instead of a potentiometer like other mixers. There was also a 5-band graphic equalizer too.

Even though I sold this away to get myself my Tascam X-17 (which incidentally, I still have and is still working perfectly), I still, in some way, miss this mixer. It has been on many a DJ gig, has aided me in transferring songs from my LPs and singles to MP3 format on my computer, via an RCA cable from the mixer to my computer sound-card. A great mixer and to the person that bought it, if you are reading this, you bought a good and solid mixer.

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  1. Rickard
    20/07/2012 at 17:00

    i have one of this , brand new almost never used. if you want to buy, Contact me at Deusone@gmail.com . i am up for offers.
    picture of the unit http://distilleryimage8.s3.amazonaws.com/2404e5f8d24311e1b57c22000a1e89b2_7.jpg

    • 24/07/2012 at 15:14

      Nope. Not interested. You should keep it. It is a good mixer

  2. 23/05/2015 at 14:46

    I still have mine. I love it.

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