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Peavey SP2 loudspeakers

Peavey has certainly moved on with the times. These are the new SP2 speakers from them and they look pretty good. One thing they have kept from the SP2 speakers of old is the popular Peavey Black Widow speakers. These speakers, like the SP2’s of old, are still bi-ampable and they can take even more more power. Specs-wise:

  • – 2-way full-range, bi-ampable sound reinforcement system
  • – RX™22 compression driver with ferrofluid cooling
  • – 15 inch BWX Black Widow® 4 inch voice coil woofer
  • – 1000 watts program, 2000 watts peak
  • – 54 Hz to 17 kHz
  • – Patented Asymmetrical Quadratic Throat Waveguide™ technology
  • – Asymmetrical horn aim their coverate patterns 10 degrees upward and 30 degrees downward—directing sound to your audience, not over their heads.
  • – Patented Radialinear Planar Phase Correction System
  • – Sound Guard™ III tweeter protection
  • – Full-range inputs include a Neutrik® Speakon® 4 pin jack and two 1/4 inch phone jacks
  • – Bi-amp input via 4-pin switching Neutrik Speakon
  • – Trapezoidal enclosure
  • – Hammertex durable covering material
  • – Stand-mount adapter

Only thing putting me off these speakers is the weight. These speakers weigh about 50 kilograms each. Also, they can take about 1000 watts of power, unlike the SP2s of old that could only take about 280 watts. Furthermore, these speakers come with Neutrik Speakon connectors and the popular 1/4″ phone jacks that came from the speakers of old. It also comes with tweeter protection. Pretty good speakers and I bet they can produce a hell of a lot of power. Like I said before, if it was not for the weight, I would gladly get these.

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