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ATUS (Audio-Technica US) AL50 speakers and phantom power supply

I remember using these speakers, or something very similar, as monitors in a club I was spinning at. In the 1990s, ATUS (Audio-Technica’s United States division) was pretty big. They made DJ mixers, speakers, phantom-power modules and pretty much lots more. But they, as a company, were huge. I do not know if they still are in business today (as ATUS) but I certainly remember their speakers and DJ mixers. I got this picture above from the Internet. These speakers could take about 200 watts program into 8 ohms. Looks like they had dual speakers, all frequencies handled by these speakers. If I am not mistaken, I once even saw them being used as car speakers! Imagine…two of these things at the back of the car, blasting tunes!

On a side-note, I managed to snag a picture of the ATUS 4-channel phantom-power supply. Very useful for those days when you run out of jacks on your mixer that supply phantom power to lets say, a condenser microphone. This one will come in mighty handy and its relatively small too! There are a few other manufacturers making things like these, so Audio-Technica is not the only sole one out there either making these or used to make these. I am not too sure. There is very little information out there about these products from ATUS. I will post more information when I come across it

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  1. Paul Runner
    14/09/2016 at 22:41

    I have a pair of these, nice sound, would like to sell though

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