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Peavey Messenger Portable Sound System

The Peavey Messenger M100 is a complete, portable sound system designed with the compact size and carry-on convenience of a briefcase. At 24″ wide, the Messenger is portable enough for business travellers, and since it is completely self contained and sets up in seconds. The Messenger’s robust five-channel mixer and 100 Watt output make it ideal for an endless array of applications, from office presentations and meetings to karaoke and open-mic performances. Its top lid also functions as a lectern to hold your meeting notes or song lyrics.There is a small, zippered bag that holds all the stuff included with this package.

This is what it looks like in “briefcase-mode” and it looks pretty small. But honestly, a total of 100 watts total (50 watts per channel into 4 ohms) is rather low. Each speaker comes with two 4″ woofers and a 1″ tweeter. The beauty of this system is that it comes with a dynamic microphone and and an XLR cable so it can be used for small roadshows. The speaker wire is a bit on the short side…only about 15 feet in length…so get some longer speaker cable if you are gonna set up your speakers far away from you. The speakers used the standard 1/4″ phone jacks so getting new or replacement ones should not be too hard.

So should you get this? I personally will pass on it as the wattage put out by this system is a bit low so I can safely rule it out for serious sound reinforcement. But for small roadshows, the system cannot be beat and its portability is a big plus factor. Looks like Peavey has helped fill yet another niche market with this

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