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Turbosound Milan M15 powered speakers

The club I was spinning at a couple of days back just got two of these speakers. These Turbosound Milan M15s were punchy, to say the least. At least they were better than the in-house sound system which really sounded bad because they were long past their expiry date. These speakers, couple up or rather, used with an 18″ subwoofer that was already present in the club were absolutely fantastic, sound-wise. When I got back home, I decided to do some reading up on these speakers.

According to the Turbosound website, these self-powered loudspeakers can put out 450 watts of power. They are a two-way design, utilising a 15″ woofer and a 1″ compression driver coupled to a horn. The amplifier is a classic Class D that is available in lots of other speakers like these. There is a two channel mixer at the rear of these speakers and there is an option to daisy-chain them. They are pretty light and can put out 125 db SPL in continuous operation. I tried carrying them and I was surprised to find that they are pretty lightweight compared to many others that are similar.

Did I like them? I must say I did. But for the price, I can get some cheaper units. But the sound is pretty good and I bet you won’t regret buying them

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