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Numark Total Computer DJ IN A Box

Someone was selling this in one of the forums and to be fair, I only just came across this. DJ controllers are everywhere now and many DJs have at least one controller in their arsenal. his one is no exception. What Numark has done is effectively package a controller, USB soundcard and a pair of headphones as a complete DJ mix-out-of-the-box kit. The controller has no built-in sound card, it has to rely on the supplied USB soundcard

The USB soundcard basically has two 1/4″ phone jacks in the front, one for the supplied headphones and the other for an optional microphone. Outputs at the back presumably for main and record. The Numark site is not very clear on them so I can only presume that is what it is, given the fact that this is what is available on my own controller, which is not a Numark by the way.

The controller itself looks pretty simple. It has all the basic functions with two jogwheels, a crossfader, and EQ knobs all laid-out in a DJ mixer format. The controller comes with Traktor LE so it looks like it is all ready to install in your computer and get rocking!

Will I get this? Probably not. There are other offerings from Numark and this looks like a very basic set. For the up-and-coming DJ that needs a set of tools for Digital DJ-ing, this would probably suit them fine.

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