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Peavey TriFlex System

There are times when you need a more powerful system to handle a large event like say, a wedding or a company dinner-and-dance. Your powered 12″ tops will not be able to fully power the event. You need something with a little more oomph. So what you should invest in is something called a sub-woofer. That is all very well and good if you already have a system. But how about the sound company which is just starting out? Have no fear. Check out this Peavey Triflex System

This system contains a powered sub-woofer cabinet with all the necessary amplifiers to power the two satellite tops, that come with 10″ woofers and a compression driver / horn combination. The subwoofer is able to deliver a peak of 500 watts and the two tops, a peak of 250 watts each, so that gives a grand total of about 1000 watts peak for the whole system. I can bet the subwoofer is going to be one heavy thing to carry. Even passive subwoofers weigh a literal ton. This whole package has a combined weight of about 90 kilograms. Only thing is that the speaker stands are sold separately.

So as you can see, instant portable PA system, with a powered sub to boot. You can get more details at the Peavey website here

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