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Bose 402 loudspeakers

I have been linked to Bose and their speaker systems for years. In all my life in this industry, there have been times when I have used systems powered by Bose speakers. Most of the time, it has been the Bose 802 series. But I am here to talk about the Bose 402, the very same one that is pictured above.

HMV used to sport these in their mega-store. They offered pretty good sound and for their size, they did the job well. These very same models are installed in the church I attend every Sunday. The sound is pretty impeccable and I must say that for speech and acoustic music, these speakers are able to not only do the job, but do it well. But like all Bose speakers, you need a controller, or processor, to run them. The processor is pictured below:

This processor sits between your mixer output and the power amplifiers. What it does is it protects the speaker and has some active equalization which “optimises” the speakers to put on their best performance. Many speaker manufacturers are doing it now. Nexo comes to mind, as does Renkus-Heinz and a whole stable of others.

The Bose speakers in my church do the job and they do it well. I am able to hear the amplified voices loudly and very clearly. For practical uses, Bose speakers and their processors can be very expensive and most people choose other speaker brands. But for permanent installations for like say, houses of worship, the product just cannot be beat

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  1. 27/04/2014 at 08:46

    Thank you for this. We’re trying to get the best from an existing set of 402’s which did not have the equalizer. Just found one on ebay.

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