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Focusrite Saffire 6 USB audio interface

I used to record my mixes to my computer using a RCA-to-stereo-minijack Y-cable back then and I still do. My Creative soundcard, which is a few years old, handled the audio recording for me pretty flawlessly. I am however now looking at getting a proper USB audio interface and this Focusrite Saffire seems to be the one that fits the bill just right.

There are two inputs on this little USB audio device (which incidentally, is USB powered) and you can use either balanced or line inputs, and there is a switcheable gain which is automatic. What this means is that when you insert a jack into the XLR combi jack, it will detect and switch it accordingly.

There are three pairs of outputs at the back and they consist of two pairs of RCA outputs and 1 pair of 1/4″ TRS balanced outputs. This will be very useful for the mobile DJ who has a controller without a built-in soundcard.The XLR inputs even have phantom power to power things like condenser microphones and active DI boxes if need be.

The USB connection at the rear of this unit will interface with your computer so that you can record your mixes. There is even a headphone output provided for further monitoring. Sample rates supported are 44.1K and 48K

I am seriously contemplating getting this. It coats about $400 dollars. I think it will be worth it if I need to do some good recordings.

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