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American Audio Q-SD DJ Mixer

I was using this mixer in a club a week ago. In some ways, this American Audio Q-SD resembles my Tascam X-17 almost to a T with its 19″ rack format, built-in sampler and 4 channels. The meters are kind of funky. They are not individual LED lights like the Rodec mixers but rather, like some kind of melted fusion lights, like plasma. It is a bit difficult to explain.

I did not use the sampler at all but I must say that the faders were kind of stiff. Maybe they were stiff because of lack of use, I would not know but stiff they were to the point that I had to use considerable force to move them, more force than I would use on any other mixer. But this mixer sounded pretty clean, stiff faders or not.

The SD card slot utilises normal SD cards, not SDHC cards and can only take up to a maximum of 4Gb. So that pretty much rules it out for normal use today. It says on the American Audio website that this model has been discontinued, so I suppose the SD card reader was for a time when these cards were pretty popular. But all in all, it was great to see it there. The SD card player/sampler is switcheable to every channel and I suppose that is the main feature of this mixer, hence the model number Q-SD

Specifications-wise, this is what I have of it:

SD card slot for full functioning MP3 player (reads SD cards up to 4GB)
• Q-SD does not accept SDHC-cards
• 4-channel, 19-inch Professional SD DJ mixer
• 2 Phono, 4 Line, 4 Aux & 2 Mic inputs
• Folder & Track knob selector
• Big LCD display with back-light
• Crossfader start control for CD player
• Mic input and master output trim control
• Tempo Lock
• Fader “Q” Start compatible (with select American Audio CD players)
• Balanced XLR outputs
• DJ microphone with volume, treble, bass and talkover control
• Gain, treble, mid & bass control for each channel (-30 dB Rotary Kills)
• Advance MP3 Track Selection
• Recessed back panel
• Mini plug input on face of mixer for use with MP3 players (standard 3.5mm plug)
• Headphone jack on face of mixer
• Cue mixing, cue level and master level control
• Zone output control
• Seamless Loop
• Auto BPM counter
• Stream Flow LED indicators
• Fully adjustable crossfader curve
• Volume, treble and bass control for each mic
• Trim output adjustment on rear
• Mic attenuator control on rear panel
• Pitch Blend (+/-4%, +/-8%, +/-16%, +/-60%)
• Power: Switchable AC 115/230V, 60/50Hz, 18W
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 19”x 7”x 4.25” / 482.6 x 177 x 109.6mm – 4 rack spaces
• Weight: 9 lbs./3.8 kgs.

Not too bad!

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