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Virtual DJ and 64-bit Windows 7 – Error in the ASIO sound driver – fixed in the end

I am not happy. Yesterday, I tried to load my copy of Virtual DJ 6 LE and I kept getting this error message when I tried to launch Virtual DJ. For those of you wondering, was my controller plugged in? Yes, it most certainly was! My controller could not even play the MP3s! So yesterday, I had to do a gig just using Winamp. Luckily it was a bar job and not much mixing was needed but it left me bloody furious.

The funny thing is, I have another notebook running 32-bit Windows 7 and it works fine! What is this with Virtual DJ and Hercules (The brand of my controller) saying that Virtual DJ is compatible with 64-bit Windows 7 when it is clearly not? I must have uninstalled it about 10 times and re-installed, added driver updates and all but to no avail. The forums on Virtual DJ say that I need to load the 64-bit version of the software. Now guys, where is the 64-bt version of the software??

I have been putting off the Traktor conversion because I was very happy with Virtual DJ but they seriously need to solve this issue, with Hercules too. I believe there must be some other DJs with the same issue because I read quite a few complaints, similar to mine, in the Virtual DJ forums. Someone had better do something about this and soon!

***** EDITOR’S NOTE*****

I need to say here that I have fixed the problem. It had nothing to do with VirtualDJ but instead, had something to do with the crappy IDT soundcard on my Dell Inspiron N5050. Once the soundcard was disabled, I plugged in my controller and I was good to go. It does not affect all notebooks because my Lenovo Thinkpad works fine but this Dell…


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