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JBL Control 5 speakers

These JBL Control 5 loudspeakers were very popular in the early 1990s…that is almost 20 years ago! They used to sell very well and JBL sold tons of them to small recording studios, churches, conference halls…you get the idea. They cost about $400 a pair then. I know the price because that is the price I was quoted when I enquired. I am not too sure about how much they cost now but I have heard them perform and these loudspeakers are worth the money. Very sweet sounding and they could take some volume too. According to the JBL website here, these speakers can take about 175 watts. It comes with a 6.5″ woofer and a 1″ titanium tweeter. You can even mount them close to your CRT TVs then because these speakers are magnetically shielded. But considering the fact that CRT displays are few and far between these days, that feature is pretty much redundant.

A friend of mine showed me a pair yesterday. It seems that someone was selling them and he wanted to know if these were worth getting. I would have told him yes because I like these speakers. If he gets them, he would be one lucky guy because the person wants to sell them to him for about $200. I d ot think he will be buyng 20-year-old speakers because these speakers are still in production to this day. Beautiful speakers. I liked them then and I still do now.

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  1. gil d
    16/08/2013 at 21:21

    Great speakers. I own two pairs matched to the superb Pioneer VSX-D1s (130W RMS).

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