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Free Peavey PV 6 mixer with every pair of Peavey Impulse 12D speakers purchased

Saw this online here and for a brief second, I was rejoicing because I thought that I would be getting one helluva steal if I bought these Peavey Impulse 12Ds and then I found out that this is only valid in the United States of America. Its a good offer and too good to resist as far as I am concerned. These speakers are pretty good, utilising ribbon tweeter technology. Coupled with this small PV 6 mixer, you can have a small PA system up and running in no time!

The mixer is no big deal. There are many others out there like it from the likes of Behringer, Wharfedale, Alesis, Mackie and so forth. From the Peavey website, I was able to dig out its specifications:

  • – Channels 3 and 5 with stereo line inputs
  • – 3-band EQ on channels 1-2
  • – LED clip, signal
  • – 1 effects send with stereo output
  • – 1 stereo effects returns
  • – Control room output
  • – Global 48 volt phantom power, tape to control room and tape to mix assignments
  • – Stereo Output 1/4 inch balanced connectors
  • – Rugged console design
  • – Reaper Software included
  • – 4 RQ™ (reference-quality) low noise microphone inputs

Pretty basic mixer. Peavey boasts about its all-metal construction and durability. But the question is why offer this mixer with the 12D? maybe sales were not going too good of the Peavey Impulse 12D so Peavey threw in the PV 6 mixer to sweeten the deal. We will never know but to me, it seems like a great deal.

Better be quick. This offer ends on the 31st July 2012.

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