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Numark Mixtrack Pro

I have heard a lot about this controller from Numark. It is the Mixtrack Pro and it has everything that is needed for the newbie DJ to get up and running. Some people may scoff at hit but I will say this. If I can use a Hercules controller, a rather small and beginner one at that with no issues, AND and keep my customers happy, this should be no problem at all…not one bit. Now that I have done with my rant, let us look at this controller and what it has to offer

Like most digital DJ controllers that are in the market now, this two-channel controller has the same two platters, the channel A and channel B faders, the STOP, CUE and SYNC buttons that are so needed by the DJ nowadays to mix tunes. Unlike my Hercules controller, this controller comes with sliders instead of knobs for the pitch controls. This controller is pretty light too, seeing that it is made up almost entirely of plastic.

Earlier versions of the Mixtrack Pro came with Virtual DJ 7. Newer ones come with Traktor LE (for Europe and Asia) and it seems that it also ships with Serato Intro.

The controller like most other controllers in the market is completely powered by the USB bus power. Also, there are two outputs on the back. Output 1 is for the output to an amplifier and Output 2 is for the headphones, so that you can use it for cue monitors if need be. Also, it is rather inexpensive. It costs about $425 dollars here in Singapore. Relatively inexpensive!

The only thing I do not like about this is the fact that the main output slider is smack between Channel A and Channel B. They should have made the master output a knob instead and put it somewhere on the controller. But what I like about this controller is that it is relatively inexpensive and has everything the beginner DJ needs. Load the software on a laptop, connect the controller to the laptop via USB, connect the amplifier to the Output 1 at the rear of the Mixtrack Pro and you are ready to go. Its as simple as that!


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