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Electro-Voice EVI-12 loudspeaker

There is one of these Electro-Voice EVI-12 speakers hanging in the church that I attend every Sunday. At first, I thought nothing of it because from the pews where I sit, it looks very old and I probably thought that it was yester-year’s technology. It is only now, after I made some curious online searches about this very unusual-looking speaker, I find out that it is still in production. I mean, if it really was old technology, why keep the same design? So something must be pretty interesting about this speaker and I decided to post it in the blog.

This is what a cross-section of the speaker looks like. It features a small-format Vari Intense® horn and a 12-inch direct radiator in a vented enclosure. There are screw terminals that are able to accept up to 12-gauge wire. Features-wise:

  • Ground-breaking advance in singlebox utility
  • New small-format Vari Intense® horn
  • 1-inch exit titanium compression driver
  • 12-inch cast-frame woofer
  • 1,000-watt peak, 250-watt long-term power capacity
  • Terminal strip inputs for secure lead connections
  • Compact, lightweight, refinishable, easy-to-install enclosure
  • Available in white or black finish
  • Three-point hanging system with optional U-bracket

A shot of the rear panel looks like this:

Admittedly, this speaker looks kind of funky but in a strange way, I like it. I have never been the one for looks, just dependability, and this speaker looks really dependable. It weighs about 20 kilograms so it is not light but its dependable Electro-Voice technology built-in

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