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Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-V controller

To be honest, this Pioneer DDJ Ergo controller has been out for some time. I have seen it in use, have tried it but will it cut the mustard, as they say? Let us have a look at it.

It is a pretty big controller but not as big as the other ones from Pioneer, namely the DDJ-S1 and DDJ-T1 for Serato and Traktor respectively. The V stands for Virtual DJ, which comes shipped with it. Virtual DJ is pretty good DJ software (some say its for beginner and newbies) but I use it to DJ with and it works just fine. It has a rather cheap feel, too plastic-like and the white base will get dirty pretty quickly. It has rather large jog-wheels but the LED lights…let us just say that while spinning at a party, you do not need effects lights at the DJ console because this controller has one dazzling light show.

The feel on this controller can be raised at the rear to allow your laptop keyboard to be lid underneath. There are knobs that allow you to navigate through your MP3 files. They are removable though so you can run the controller flat on the surface, something which I personally prefer because I always use my keyboard to search for MP3s.

As you can see, there is a built-in sound card and the outputs. There are two master outputs, in RCA or 1/4 TS phone plugs. There is a switchable mic/aux input. There is no provision to power this controller via a power adaptor…it only powers via USB.

All in all, a very basic controller, albeit a bit expensive compared to some other controllers that come with Virtual DJ and can do the same thing. It is a bit puzzling to note that there are many here in Singapore selling this controller second-hand, so one can pick it up for a pretty good price.

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