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Denon Cocoon Portable

I attended the Denon Showcase in Singapore a couple of days ago in Singapore. It was held at the marvellous Rendezvous Hotel. Denon introduced their Denon Cocoon music player. There are two models…the home version and the portable model. I was more interested in the portable model because it comes with a battery pack installed and can last 5 hours on a full charge. Besides, the portable model can take the occasional bout of drizzle should the weather turn rainy. The sound from it is pretty good and all these models have:

  • Audio streaming (from your Apple or Android phone via a free downloadable app)
  • You can pre-set some Internet radio stations on this and can even stream internet radio
  • Multi-room capability ( can have a few Cocoons in every room of your house)
  • Remote control slots at the back of the unit
  • Rubberised buttons
  • Built-in LAN port at the back

I was pretty impressed with the sound of this portable player. It is a nit smaller than the home versions but the build of this thing is very good. More news to come from Denon but overall, I was impressed!

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