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JB Systems DJ Control 2 controller

There are so many makers of controllers nowadays that even I am starting to lose count. I came across this controller while looking for some turntables on the Internet. Apparently, this JB Systems controller is pretty small and it is quite a full featured controller. Searching for a distributor or even the manufacturer of this controller was fruitless. I did however find out that this particular Belgian company apparently is responsible for them and makes them.

So…a product from the country that gave us Rodec mixers, Tintin, Jean-Claude van Damme. What does it offer? Well, apparently it is pretty inexpensive, as I was able to make out. It costs about 175 pounds on a website in the UK. Egads. That works out to something less than $400 in Singapore currency. So back to what it is able to offer:

  • The perfect 2channel MIDI controller for all-round DJ-use (parties, café’s, bars, …)
  • Bundled with the latest version of VirtualDJ LE, the ultimate DJ-software
  • Controller can also be used with any MIDI DJ-software
  • Most of the buttons are backlit: easy to use in dark venues.
  • Professional mixing result guaranteed, even for inexperienced DJs
  • Can be used on any modern laptop or PC, running Windows® XP/Vista/7 or Mac® OSX
  • Built-in 24Bit/192kHz premium quality sound card for excellent sound performance
  • High resolution, touch sensitive scratch wheels with blue backlight
  • 2 Channel mixer with 3band equalizer, DJ-mic input and PFL headphones output.
  • Easy plug & play installation: no extra drivers or computer skills needed!
  • Fully optimized for use with VirtualDJ software:
    • “1-click” beat matching, automatic beat loops, instant beat detection, …
    • Beat synced samplers, very accurate master tempo, 3 cue points per track, , …
    • Video mixing: creative mixing of video clips, including video effects!
    • Plays MP3, AIFF, OGG, WAV, CDA, WMA, and many more …
    • Fully iTunes compatible
  • Upgrade to Virtual-DJ PRO FULL at a discounted price!
    Fully supported starting from VirtualDJ ver 7.0.5b PRO FULL (build 380)
  • 5V power adapter included for increased working stability.

What I like about this is that they give a power adaptor so it does not have to be USB bus-powered, or even then. I think you can make it USB bus-powered. A nice and small controller. I wonder what the price would be if I were to order from them, complete with shipping?

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