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American Audio VMS 4.1 DJ controller

When the American Audio VMS 4 entered the market, many people were complaining about it. There were many flaws with it and people were selling their VMS 4’s off as soon as they were repaired. Seeing what was happening, American Audio decided to release the VMS 4.1 which in a sense was an update to the buggy VMS 4.

From the top, one thing I like about this is that it has a built-in mouse-pad! I have yet to see any controller with something like this. I could be wrong though but I have yet to come across this. besides this, it has four channels so one of the channels I used for sampling. I actually had the chance to try this controller at a club once and I was very pleased to note that the jog-wheels were pretty good. Big jog-wheels too, bigger than my Hercules ones. The controller was pretty snappy and worked like a charm.

The main features of this controller are (according to their website):

  • 4x Midilog™ Channels (Compatible with any “Midi Learn” Software or Analog Inputs – such as CD Players, Turntables, etc.)
  • DSP D-Core Inside: Studio Quality Audio Engine + Pro Stage Microphone Circuitry
  • 2x Mics with Gain, Treble, Mid & Bass Control
  • Crossfader Curve Adjustment
  • Balanced XLR Outputs (a big plus for those!)
  • Assignable Touch Strips
  • Built-in Mouse Pad
  • Built-in 4 In/4 Out Soundcard
  • Bundled with Virtual DJ LE Software

I have already said all I can about the excellent Virtual DJ software so nothing else needs to be said about it. It is a pretty affordable controller too and I think that this controller needs to get the big “thumbs up” from me.

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