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Settng a network up in the office

It is very simple to do actually…setting a network up that is. All you need is an internet connection from your provider and hooking it up to your router. After that, hook it up to a switch and distribute it to all the computers in the office via a switch or if you want, wireless. I recommend switches with cables because it is more secure. Anyone, if they have half-a-mind, can sniff out your wireless password and get into your network and if they are hackers, they can steal your information and do other terrible things besides. This picture was taken at a customer’s place, in the office where they work. It is a very simple setup and they are very pleased with their connection because it is fast. the wireless router there is for those who go to a meeting room and there are no LAN points in the meeting room. The router is set up as a wireless access point with WPA encryption. I might do something like this to my office when it s fully set up…

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