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Lenovo Ideapad S110 netbook

I saw this at Comex 2012 in Singapore today. I had to pick the last day to go to this show but it was unavoidable as I had work to do and so I could not go on the first day, which was Thursday. I had a look around and while at the Lenovo booth, I came upon this Ideapad S110

Yes, it is a netbook, powered by an Intel Atom processor. No matter what they want to call them these days, it is and will always be a netbook. The one I saw comes with an Intel Atom N2800 processor with Microsoft Windows 7 Starter Edition. It also comes with 1Gb of DDR3 SDRAM. What this means is that Windows 7 Starter will run like a tortoise on this machine, whether one likes it or not. I was told that if I purchased it, they would bump it up to 2Gb of SDRAM. But 2Gb is the maximum it can go. Bloody hell. Does not give me many options and I am not exactly a fan of Windows Starter Edition. It is too cut-down and slow on a PC with 1Gb of SDRAM and I am sure that it will not improve much even if the SDRAM is bumped up to 2Gb

This little netbook comes with a 320Gb hard drive. That is not too bad considering. Most of the early netbooks came with an 8Gb SSD. Noow how in the hell can you do anything with a paltry 8Gb SSD drive? I know I did not buy into that but I pity the poor suckers who were roped in hook, line and sinker for that. Poor schmucks.

If I could, if I did buy this, I would wipe out Windows Starter Edition and load in Windows XP. But then again, I do not know if Lenovo gives us the drivers for that. To be honest, the reason why I was considering this laptop is:

  1. It is relatively inexpensive for $449
  2. I need another laptop purely for DJ’ing purposes
  3. Its light and small. I ain’t getting no younger

In the end, I suppose it is better if I get a Dell for DJ’ing. They are relatively inexpensive. I can get one for about $600 with a 15″ screen, not unlike the Inspiron that I am using now. But the sheer small size of that Lenovo just made it tempting. I think if I want a compputer with a 10.1″ screen, I should just consider a tablet.

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