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HP Mini netbook

Imagine. When these HP Minis first came out, I was very hesitant to buy one, even though many of my friends were saying that it would be a very good buy. I am now kicking myself for not getting one. Why you may ask. To put it simply, I have finally had the chance to try it out. Yes…three years after they made their debut I am trying one of them out and it is a lovely machine. It just works and performs marvellously, running on Microsoft Windows XP.

First off, it is a netbook, running on an Atom processor, to be precise, a 1.60 GHz Intel Atom N270 unit. Secondly, it only has 1Gb of RAM, but you can bump it up to 2Gb and that is the highest that it can go. It comes with an 80Gb 1.8″ hard disk drive so that is the Achilles heel of this laptop…the drive is not upgrade friendly. It will be very difficult to find a drive that size to replace it with when it goes. Maybe that is the reason that put me off this HP Mini. I know something put me off. But still, a nice and light netbook would do wonders for my aching back, toting this 15″ Dell Inspiron N5050 around.

Tablets have come to replace netbooks but for DJ’ing applications, these cannot be beat. I did not know back in 2009 that I would be requiring a notebook to mix in the future. Now I know that for a fact. OK…the hunt for an ideal laptop is on, once again.

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