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Peavey 118 Sub

There were quite a few places back then in the late 80s to mid 90s when I actually used these passive subwoofers for installs. They were relatively inexpensive and they worked well. Picture this…a big, boomy speaker box that only had a 18″ Peavey Black Widow speaker, pumping out the subsonic frequencies of 80Hz and below. You needed a lot of amplifier power to power these babies, and they were big and bulky to boot. There was one club installation where I had four of them being driven by two Amcron 2400 amplifiers back in the day, in a club in Indonesia. While these subs will seem to be woefully primitive compared to subs that you can get nowadays, especially the plethora of powered ones that are so popular, they were used in a lot of places back then. Like I said, they were cheap and good, and that was all that mattered to club owners watching their bottom line. Thanks Peavey for these subs. They served me well.

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  1. Frikk
    11/03/2013 at 19:14

    remember that they are really easy to blow and they do not play much below 50 with the original driver installed… I blew some of theese during a Hip Hop consert so i replaced the drivers with two Fane colossus instead 😉 remember I used a bridged qsc 2450 on that occation 😉

    • 12/03/2013 at 09:19

      I would put it down to them cancelling each other out, especially if they are not placed together, due to comb-filtering People realise that the “oomph” is not there so they push it more and as a result…

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