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Starhub and their ridiculous excuses

Sometime in May this year, I was getting some issues with my cable modem. I was having so many outages that it was not funny. It was affecting my work and my business. So I call up Starhub and they send a technician to my house. The technician said that my house connection had a pretty high TX and that there was a problem. At first, Starhub found it to be within their “rights” to blame my router for it. But after testing the connection with four different routers, including one mean for enterprise networking, the problem still persisted. So the calls to Starhub began. But after a while, with all of those calls with Starhub it was found out that the problem lay in the riser where all the cables concatenated, as can be seen in the picture above. It took Starhub three weeks to get to the solution, even after sending over a barrage of engineers when I kept saying that there was something wrong at the riser level. In the end? They it was found that the tap (in the picture here, the gray interface where all the cables are screwed to) was faulty so they connected my cable to a tap one level down. That solved the issue and now, I am happy to say, my cable broadband is alright!

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