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Lance Armstrong and the USADA

In 1996, I lost a cousin to drugs. Leon had a weak heart but that is because the fella was on drugs. It was not helping him at all. I knew he was on drugs for many, many years and in 1996, it finally hit him and he died. That is why I abhor drugs. Drugs took away my cousin and I have seen what drugs can do to a person.

That is the reason why I am very disappointed in Lance Armstrong and what he has done. He won the Tour De France 7 times in a row…no mean feat but now we find out through the USADA (United States Anti Doping Agency) that he was on drugs. This was explained in a Bloomberg article here:

Please Lance. If this is untrue, fight it out but it seems that there is so much evidence against you. You are a cancer survivor. You fought against overwhelming odds. So many people look up to you. Please tell us why you did this to yourself.

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