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New quarter-inch phone to RCA jack cable

The club that I spin at every Friday and Saturday has a bit of a problem with the audio cable linking the movable DJ console to the main front-of-house (FOH) mixer. At one time, they set it up with a very thin RCA cable, those el-cheapo ones that come with TVs and the like, only a lot longer. To say that those cables have lots of resistance would be an understatement. Then the cable got damaged. One day, I come to the club, play my set and find out that only one side is working. That is when I discovered the damaged cable. So what I did was, I went back home, looked through my junk box for some old cable and promptly made myself a spare phone to RCA cable, made out of quality microphone cable. So now, whenever I do deck duties at that pub, which is every Friday and Saturday, I bring my cable down and hook it up to the main FOH console. It works great and as they say all the time, if you wanna do a job right, do it yourself.

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