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Fake China capacitors

I came across this post in an online forum here. This is rather frightening because there are quite a few electronic shops here that stock capacitors like these and the last thing you want and need is getting short-changed with a couple of fake capacitors like these. Not only are their values lower than stated (because of the smaller capacitor hiding in the shell of the bigger one) but they are dangerous! As one person said in the afore-mentioned forum:

Take a look at these capacitors. The outer can says 6800uf/50V but they are actually 2200uF/35V on the inside. Insufficient capacitance at least; and a blow-up if used in a 40V power supply where you might have thought you had a sufficient safety margin!!

Scary stuff indeed. So if you DIY your own projects, be very careful about where you buy your capacitors from.

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